Road design

Wind farms are located on a variety of areas. In a process of designing roads on wind farms, we try to find a compromise between the local area determinants and the specifications of a turbine manufacturer and supplier. On account of our experiences gathered during implementation of numerous wind farm projects, our approach to the design is down-to-earth and practical. Such road parameters as width, drops, bends, carrying capacity or dewatering are selected individually in line with the actual needs and possibilities, as well as to procure the approval of the turbine manufacturer.

Roads on wind farm are analyzed with respect to time. In a short-term perspective, they have to guarantee passability to enable full assembly of the wind turbine or its disassembly; in a long-term perspective, they have to guarantee access of competent services so that the maintenance may be performed without costly and unnecessary interruptions.

We offer road designs “from scratch” i.e. for procurement of a construction permit, detailed designs, we also adapt designs after changes in wind turbines, adjusting them to the new requirements.

At the client’s request, we perform passability analysis and assembly from the point of collection to the place of turbine assembly.


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