Gregor Sarnawski - CEO

After successful completion of civil engineering studies at the University of Bremen, due to frequent change of residence, he had an opportunity to gain vast experience that would allow him to effectively work at international markets. He started his professional career as a manager for a commercial construction project in Central and Eastern Europe implemented by YTONG Holding AG from Austria. The subsequent stages of his career led him to the world of renewable energy, where he could fully devote himself to second passion, i.e. conscious use of natural resources.

In the meantime he became, as an initiator and shareholder of GP Wind Energy, a member of the management board with the following priorities.


  • Head of international management: control and supervision over international projects, support for sales activity, procurement of customers, customer services, acquisition of new markets, e.g. Poland, Brazil, Southern Africa and Ukraine. Management of projects and coordination of large wind energy projects, e.g. Wysoka Wind Farm (Poland) with 22 wind turbines, Crucea North Wind Farm (Romania) with 36 wind turbines, Barzowice Wind Farm (Poland), Ogorje Wind Farm (Croatia), Loughderryduff Wind Farm (Ireland), and numerous projects in Germany for international energy companies.
  • Procurement of new abroad agencies, personnel acquisition, management, contracts;
  • Market research;
  • Personnel management, team leader;
  • Extensive experience as a project engineer in the area of ground-based construction and piling;
  • Technical supervision over large construction projects in Hamburg, Germany;
  • Cooperation during research projects at the Materials Testing Institute, Bremen, Germany.


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